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i can’t abide a horizontal life
it’s time to rise
assume the perpendicular…

just when i thought he couldn’t possibly surprise me anymore, neil hannon treats berlin to a 90+ minute gig and a whole bunch of songs he hardly ever plays live – and particularly not in germany… (going downhill fast!! bernice bobs her hair! sweden! the frog princess! lucy!)

the man is a genius.

i’ve seen the divine comedy three times this year and couldn’t say which gig i liked best* – leipzig, london or berlin tonight. totally different set lists for each, but each one just perfect in their own special way. leipzig was the first time i ever saw him play a solo show, plus the first time to hear any of the material from „bang goes the knighthood“. london had the biggest crowd and the best audience sing-alongs i’ve ever heard/participated in. some great encores as well ;o)

and berlin – well, any concert where he starts off with „assume the perpendicular“ MUST be brilliant…

set list (corrections welcome):

assume the perpendicular
the pop singer’s fear of the pollen count
the complete banker
going downhill fast
the summerhouse
bernice bobs her hair (on request; alternative offered: your daddy’s car)
becoming more like alfie (on request; alternative offered: something for the weekend)
snowball in negative
have you ever been in love
the lost art of conversation
at the indie disco
don’t you want me (the human league cover)
a lady of a certain age
songs of love
the frog princess
our mutual friend
i like
tonight we fly

encores I + II:
can you stand upon one leg

national express

*well, actually, i could: it would have to be somerset house – because of somerset house, basically. and london. and „jiggery pokery“ for an encore…

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