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the divine comedy@huxley’s


this life is the best we’ve ever had…

the divine comedy@lido


i can’t abide a horizontal life
it’s time to rise
assume the perpendicular…

just when i thought he couldn’t possibly surprise me anymore, neil hannon treats berlin to a 90+ minute gig and a whole bunch of songs he hardly ever plays live – and particularly not in germany… (going downhill fast!! bernice bobs her hair! sweden! the frog princess! lucy!)

the man is a genius.


the divine comedy@somerset house


it’s a lovely july evening in london, picture perfect with only a few clouds in a blue sky, turned golden by the setting sun. tiny neil hannon on a big stage with a grand piano and a guitar, undaunted by the vastness of the courtyard of somerset house – and he didn’t have to be because he would have a backing choir made up of what felt like a couple of thousand voices all night. Weiterlesen

the divine comedy@ut connewitz


dante brauchte 13 Jahre, um seine „göttliche komödie“ zu vollenden – neil hannon arbeitet seit immerhin 20 jahren daran, das perfekte pop-album zu erschaffen. mit nummer 10, „bang goes the knighthood“, steht er jedenfalls kurz davor.

neil hannon im interview pt.I:

the divine comedy 2010 pt.1     
(inspiration, das älterwerden und die herausforderung, solo-konzerte zu spielen) Weiterlesen