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the courteeners@magnet


why are you so in love with a notion? it doesn’t do you any good…

they don’t do intricate (or subtle). they do guitars. and that, admittedly, rather well. which works perfectly fine for this whole rock ‚n‘ roll thing.

and of all the songs liam fray could possibly have chosen for a bit of exhibitionism, it is „not nineteen forever“ during which he starts pulling up his t-shirt. yes, to reveal quite a tasteful six-pack, but still… it’s both the funniest and saddest moment of the night.

the courteeners / the kooks@ifa sommergarten


the bigger the stage, the bigger the ego, it would seem…  so tonight the courteeners play with an attitude bordering on arrogance. they are pretty good, of course, and what they do looks & sounds extremely professional… but somehow they seemed just, well, NICER when they played berlin last time, back in may, indoors @magnet; tiny & very intimate compared to this open air venue. Weiterlesen