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mumford & sons@c-halle


there’s a design, an alignment to cry
of my heart to see
the beauty of love
as it was made to be

(marcus) mumford & sons make you forget how cold it has become outside on this late september night. everything you see and hear inside tonight is quite simply heart-warming; big smiles all around, on stage as much as in the audience.




fuel up your mind
fire up your heart
and drive on

auf ihrem album „beachcomber’s windowsill“ sind nach eigener grober schätzung von stornoway so an die hundert verschiedene instrumente, haushaltsgeräte und küchenutensilien zu hören. auf der bühne im berliner magnet kommen heute abend nur ungefähr zehn davon zum einsatz: cello, kontrabass, violine, keyboard, diverse elektrische und akustik-gitarren, e-bass, schlagzeug… (als einziges schmerzlich vermisst: die trompete.) Weiterlesen

edwyn collins@flughafen tempelhof (berlin festival)


respekt und tiefe verehrung für mr edwyn collins, der sich mit einer unglaublichen willensanstrengung nach einem schlaganfall seine musik und die bühne zurückerobert hat – auch wenn er letztere auf einen stock gestützt betritt und beim singen auf einer equipment-kiste sitzt. und trotz allem, was der mann erlebt hat – oder vielleicht auch deswegen – klingen seine songs unglaublich optimistisch und hoffnungsvoll. Weiterlesen

tahiti 80/ the morning benders@flughafen tempelhof (berlin festival)


this is a festival full of dejavu moments… tahiti 80 instantly take me back to – oh, it must have been 2001/ 2002, when i used to have „heartbeat“ a lot in playlists. 10 years on, they have learned to pronounce „heartBEAT“ the way it’s meant to be but, reassuringly, have lost none of their peculiarly french charme. Weiterlesen

editors@flughafen tempelhof (berlin festival)


these songs crash over you like waves and you happily let them drown out all that may feel wrong at this particular moment in time…

it always seems a little strange to me how tom smith can sound so strong and clear even when he’s crouched on the floor or contorts his body into weird positions. his voice never fails to get to me – that and the fact that the editors know so well how to rework anger and pain into music that is dark but comforting: „i won’t disappoint you as you fall apart“, smith promises in „an end has a start“… and he doesn’t.

in this light and on this evening, then, life feels not so bad at all.

you came on your own
that’s how you’ll leave
with hope in your hands
and air to breathe

the courteeners / the kooks@ifa sommergarten


the bigger the stage, the bigger the ego, it would seem…  so tonight the courteeners play with an attitude bordering on arrogance. they are pretty good, of course, and what they do looks & sounds extremely professional… but somehow they seemed just, well, NICER when they played berlin last time, back in may, indoors @magnet; tiny & very intimate compared to this open air venue. Weiterlesen

the divine comedy@somerset house


it’s a lovely july evening in london, picture perfect with only a few clouds in a blue sky, turned golden by the setting sun. tiny neil hannon on a big stage with a grand piano and a guitar, undaunted by the vastness of the courtyard of somerset house – and he didn’t have to be because he would have a backing choir made up of what felt like a couple of thousand voices all night. Weiterlesen



it caused a drought
it caused a flood
it came to change us all for good…

fünf unglaublich jung aussehende menschen, die mit ihrer musik lachfältchen in die augenwinkel zaubern. und dann gibt es diese trompete, die in den richtigen momenten ein kleines bisschen melancholie aufsteigen lässt…
beautiful people, beautiful music.

„the walls, the walls are coming down“, indeed. the second the trumpet starts playing, cracks appear.

miss li@lido


miss li singt sich die seele aus dem leib; die menschen vor der bühne tanzen von der ersten bis zur letzten minute: alles, was ein konzert sein soll.


„in this light and on this evening/
BERLIN’s become the most beautiful thing i’ve seen…“