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niels frevert@lido


mein herz klingelt sturm

the leisure society@queen elizabeth hall


it’s so good to see you smile

the courteeners@magnet


why are you so in love with a notion? it doesn’t do you any good…

they don’t do intricate (or subtle). they do guitars. and that, admittedly, rather well. which works perfectly fine for this whole rock ‚n‘ roll thing.

and of all the songs liam fray could possibly have chosen for a bit of exhibitionism, it is „not nineteen forever“ during which he starts pulling up his t-shirt. yes, to reveal quite a tasteful six-pack, but still… it’s both the funniest and saddest moment of the night.

stornoway@bi nuu


there’s no rewind so you might as well play while your time is rolling away

they go on stage with an axe, a saw and a block of wood. oh, and there is a giant moon that’s made to look like a cheese, complete with holes… and they play, and it is PLAY in it’s truest form – exploring the unknown, completely free of expectation. go where you want to go AND MAKE IT SOUND LIKE THIS. it’s the most wonderful thing you could have wished for this evening.



nostalgia won’t save you. but it may temporarily create a bubble of fuzzy feeling and happy memories.

have a nice day…

teitur@grüner salon


fine music paired with a fine sense of humour:
„it’s like a piano bar already…“

like it? yes, or no? (‚big questions need small answers…‘)
– yes. yes, i do.

maxïmo park@astra


all we have is now.

voice. body. arms thrown wide open. („it’s sweaty. SWEATY! – the way it should be…“) paul smith generates electricity that would easily power the whole of berlin. and for the crowd here, it does.

it’s not just the dancing, it’s the smiles. this is how joy gets relayed.

admiral fallow@lido (berlin independent night)


sometimes it’s like trying to breathe through a pillow
trying to dance on a tightrope in the pouring rain…

but not tonight. tonight everything’s just fine.

this is folk pop in perfection, to the point that as you enter the room some disgruntled people come out saying it was „boring“ inside… guys, this IS what it’s like – they go for slow & quiet if the song asks for it. but then they also totally ROCK with „brother“ and two people at the drum kit kind of stuff. very much like this:

but you missed all that because you couldn’t be arsed to give them a chance?!
you know what – i bet they wouldn’t give a shit even if they had noticed. they just PLAY. exactly the kind of music they want to play. because that’s what they do – just being who they are rather than what some people might want them to be.

everyday it’s the battering of bones
it’s the saving of face
it’s the courage to turn your back on the way you were raised

(clearly, they’ve got it.)

get well soon@astra


you cannot cast out the demons – you might as well dance…

once again, konstantin gropper goes for the grand gesture – far more confidently, though, than when i saw him before.

there’s drama. there’s romance.
it’s magical.

for some reason you expect there to be snow as you head outside after the show… but it’s just cold, with a starry september night sky.

jools holland & friends@huxleys


einer der ganz großen in allem was er tut.

he gets grönemeyer to sing in english and allows you to have a bit of the soft cell live experience you may have been too young for in the eighties… the ‚friend‘ in this particular case: marc almond. the song: tainted love. obviously.